About ADSI

The African Digital Schools Initiative (ADSI) is a new methodology and set of frameworks to transform secondary schools into digital schools of distinction.

It is designed specifically to build secondary–level student 21st century skills and teachers’ innovative practice in a way that is responsive to the needs of the market place and to the emerging knowledge economies and societies.


The model is centered on two key elements of capacity building of schools and teachers as follows:

  1. A phased approach to whole school development for ICT use integrating GESCI’s new digital school of Distinction frameworks for developing leadership and vision, ICT integration across the curriculum, ICT school culture, ICT teacher professional development and infrastructure and resources.
    • Bringing schools through a progression pathway from ‘initial’ to ‘e-enabled’ to ‘e-mature’ to ‘e-confident’   whole school ICT Integration
  2. A phased approach to teacher development for ICT use integrating new contextualized ICT competency frameworks for teachers  for developing understanding for ICT integration in educational policy, in the curriculum, in pedagogy, in management and organization and in professional learning.
    • Bringing teachers through a progression pathways from ‘initial’ to ‘technology literacy’ to ‘knowledge deepening’ to ‘knowledge creation’ use of ICT in professional practice.
    • ADSI is a comprehensive multi-country and multi-year program to implement an effective, sustainable and replicable model of digital whole school development in secondary education that will lead to improved student 21st century skills development, learning outcomes and readiness for the knowledge economy workplace.