Become a Digital School


Step 1: Registration

Register here to create your school profile for the ADSI Digital Schools of Distinction program. Your school profile will contain relevant contact details and stores your self-evaluation information.

Your profile is private and protected by a secure password. This step takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.


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Step 2: Self-Evaluation

Each school must fully complete a self-evaluation in order to apply for Digit School of Distinction accreditation at each level of E-Enabled, E-Confident and E-Mature. During this stage, schools are evaluating their performance against the five digital schools criteria (Leadership and Planning, ICT across the Curriculum, ICT School Culture, Teacher Professional Development and Infrastructure & Resources) and are preparing to meet the necessary requirements for validation such as ICT School Audit, ICT school plan and a short (one page or less) statement outlining their recent achievements and highlighting effective use of any tools, practices or initiatives which the school feels deserve recognition.

Don’t worry, your self-evaluation responses are retained so you may return at any stage to review, update or change your self-evaluation form.

Finally, when you are satisfied that you meet the program criteria and have successfully completed the self-evaluation, you can request your ADSI Project Coordinator to visit your school to validate your level.

This can be done in stages.



Step 3: Validation

After successfully completing the self-evaluation you will be prompted to request a validation visit from your PC at the end of the process. The role of the PC validator is to meet the Principal, visit the classrooms and assess the school self-evaluation submission. The visit takes approximately two hours. The PC validator will submit a School Validation Report to the ADSI Digital Schools of Distinction technical team for review and confirmation.

Schools that successfully achieve the criteria will be recognised and awarded Digital School of Distinction plaques for each level achieved – E-enabled, E-cobfident and E-mature. Digital Schools of Distinction will ongoing practical support and resources as part of the community of digital schools of distinction in Kenya, Tanzania and Cote D’Ivoire.

Schools that do not meet the required criteria will receive feedback, guidance and support in order to reapply for validation. A new program PC validator visit will be arranged with the school when it is ready.

A school visit will take approximately 2 hours.